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Al Casey
Al Casey ‎– Surfin' Hootenanny (RSD 2016) (1963)
Format: LP
Label: Sundazed

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RSD 2016 release on green vinyl

Just as folk and rock morphed into folk-rock, guitarist Al Casey and producer Lee Hazlewood attempted to fuse the new genre with surf music! While this new hybrid genre didn’t start a new craze, the experiment yielded a positively brilliant LP, 
Surfin’ Hootenanny. Filled with super-loud, killer twang and surf sounds, awash in reverb and backed by the cream of The Wrecking Crew, we present one of the best, and rarest, albums of the original surf wave.  
Mastered from the original 1964 Stacy Records mono reel and pressed on custom colored vinyl, this is an essential addition to any surf/guitar library!


A1 Surfin' Hootenanny 2:08
A2 El Aguila (The Eagle) 1:58
A3 Thunder Beach 2:39
A4 BAJA 2:15
A5 Surfin' Blues - Part 1 2:38
A6 Lonely Surfer 2:08

B1 Guitars, Guitars, Guitars 2:03
B2 The Hearse 2:00
B3 Ramrod 1:56
B4 Caravan 1:57
B5 Surfin' Blues - Part 2 2:52
B6 Surfs You Right


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