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Alessandro Alessandroni
Alessandro Alessandroni ‎– Panoramic Feelings (LP & DVD) (1971)
Format: LP
Label: Dagored

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2015 Re-issue

- Deluxe limited edition of 500 Copies in a transparent plastic bag
- Transparent vinyl
- DVD contains: “Le Film Trouvé - A Panoramic Experience” , a special DVD produced by SYNC ARCHIVE FILM, an exciting musical journey into the past through amateurs movies collected from all over the world! Digitally restored unreleased footage from film in format 8mm, super 8 and 16mm, in a exclusive production.


A1 Young Flirt 2:37
A2 Green Hills 2:13
A3 Autumn Song 2:45
A4 Summer Evening 2:37
A5 Landscape 3:10
A6 White Sands 2:56

B1 Sunday Theme 2:22
B2 Overcraft 2:45
B3 Love Feeling 2:23
B4 Foggy Town 3:00
B5 North Wind 2:12
B6 Car Drive 2:42

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