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Cinema Sewer #27
Format: Magazine
Year: 2014
Publisher: Cinema Sewer
Author/Editor: Robin Bougie
Size/Format: Comic

Cinema Sewer #27 -- god's answer to unhappiness! This zesty and trashy issue clocks in at 44 comic book sized pages, and does a freaky and sexy smashdown on every movie-zine that has come before it! Yes, it entertains like a bat out of hell, and without a sense of irony!

This is a grand old issue, and features a lengthy article I wrote and researched over the last 3 years about the history of anti-porn groups in Canada, the Savoy theater, and the infamous Red Hot Video firebombings! I think it's one of the best feature articles I've done in some time, so I hope you all dig it. There is also an interview with classic smut actor/director David Christopher, an overview of the career of French sexploitation-king Max Pecas, various rants, reviews, and tons of illustrations and classic movie newspaper admats!

Yes! Don't miss this jam-packed issue! It sports a finely detailed cover by the artist of the amazing SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN graphic novel, Aaron Conley! You best believe that I most certainly bow and grovel before the towering mountain that are his copious talents.

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