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I Marc 4
I Marc 4 ‎– G.L.P. 1002 (RSD 2017) (1970)
Format: LP
Label: Sonor Music Editions

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2017 reissue

The toughest session by the great I MARC 4 Italian Jazz Library combo. Killer album and easily on the top 3 from the Nelson series with no weak tracks at all. The music goes from insane Psychedelic tunes to Jazz, Funk and more Bossa and Lounge tracks with plenty of Fuzz guitars, amazing Hammond job, and totally catching drum Breaks. An insane trip into early gold Italian Psychedelic and Underground vibes with loads of laden beats and grooves with the mark of the legendary Italian quartet. Another essential jewel released on our label!

Released on 500 copies.
Heavy cardboard sleeve replica of the original 1st pressing.


A1 Drumming 3:00
A2 Key Board 3:27
A3 Airon 2:41
A4 Sambalto 3:27
A5 Filter 2:47
A6 Geras 2:36

B1 Mask 2:36
B2 Agora 2:35
B3 Boxes 2:51
B4 Light 3:15
B5 Ballan 2:36
B6 Rita 2:15
B7 Questions 2:18


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