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Strictly Britxotica! - Palais Pop And Locarno Latin (2017)
Format: LP
Label: Trunk Records

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Yes, for this next exciting installment in the Britxotica! series (amazing and rare exotic British recordings) we visit the sprung dancefloors of The Palais, The Mecca and The Rivoli for an trip into ballroom madness. A collection of sublime and often slightly ridiculous cha cha chas, rhumbas and more besides.


  1. Spoken Word - Cha Cha Cha Course Intro
  2. Joe Loss - Mambo In Old Lisbon
  3. Edmundo Ros - It Ain't Necessarily So
  4. Johnson Brothers And Ted Heath - Papa Loves Mambo
  5. Tony Scott - Cha Cha Pop Pop
  6. Tony Crombie - Rock Cha Cha
  7. Stanley Black - Petite Fleur
  8. John Warren Orchestra - Dream Talk
  9. Martinas And His Music - Cha Cha Charlie
  10. Spoken Word - The Tango Lesson Intro
  11. John Graven Quintet - Besame Mucho
  12. Dave Lee - Goodness Gracious Me
  13. Phil Tate - Green Turtle
  14. Don Carlos - La Battanga
  15. Chaquito - La Fanjanda
  16. Jack Parnell - Topsy
  17. Eddie Calvert - Amerciano
  18. Victor Sylvester - Cerveza

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