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Stefano Mainetti
Zombi 3 (Green Vinyl) ()
Format: LP
Label: We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records

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Limited Edition Of 300 Copies In "Green Inferno" Vinyl.


A1 Sequence I
A2 Sequence II
A3 Sequence III
A4 Sequence IV
A5 Sequence V
A6 Sequence VI
A7 Sequence VII
A8 Sequence VIII

B1 DJ Blue Heart - Intro
B2 Tumble Down
B3 DJ Blue Heart - Hole In The Ozone (skit)
B4 Nature
B5 Ecological Bullshit (skit)
B6 DJ Blue Heart - Dig It (skit)
B7 The Sound Of Fear
B8 DJ Blue Heart - Important Announcement (skit)
B9 Slow Think
B10 DJ Blue Heart - Serious Business (skit)
B11 Tumble Down (instrumental)
B12 DJ Blue Heart - The Nightmare Is Over…? (skit)
B13 Slow Think (instrumental)
B14 DJ Blue Heart - Immortal Vibes (skit)
B15 The Sound of Fear (instrumental)

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