• Je Brûle De Partout (I Burn All Over) & Dark Mission

Je Brûle De Partout (I Burn All Over) & Dark Mission

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Format: Blu-Ray
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Digipak limited to 1000 copies containing two films by Jess Franco with Brigitte Lahaie :

Dark Mission (1987)

Derek Carpenter, an American secret service agent, is sent to South America by his superiors. His mission: bring down the cartel led by the ruthless Luis Morel. His cover: journalist. His allies: resistance networks, led by the mysterious Moira. On the plane, he meets the beautiful Linda, back home after studying in the United States. The current passes between the young woman and the alleged reporter, who does not yet know that she is the daughter of Luis Morel.

With Dark Mission, the mythical production company Eurociné, long specialized in microbudgets, sees things (a little bigger). The family SME of Marius and Daniel Lesoeur decided at the turn of the 80s to beef up its game and produce films with international distribution that could interest viewers around the world. Jess Franco, a longtime collaborator of Eurociné, is placed at the controls of this exotic adventure film with a cast that is both improbable and delightful. Without forgetting to deliver a few "Franco moments", he conscientiously performs the task. René Chateau will be impressed with his ability to hide the limits of the budget and will hire him for the production of Predators of the Night the following year.

Starring Christopher Lee, Christopher Mitchum, Brigitte Lahaie, Cristina Higueras et Richard Harrison
90 mins

Je brule de partout (1978)

The first meeting between Jess Franco and Brigitte Lahaie!

Lorna and Tom are a couple of small-time touts. In a nightclub, they seduce the young and virgin Jenny for a night of debauchery, then drug her and sell her to a white slavery ring. When they discover that she is the daughter of a billionaire, they decide to ask her for a huge ransom. But now they must rescue Jenny from the fearsome pimp hands that hold her prisoner.

I'm Burning Everywhere is a brutal tale of sex trafficking and revenge from the perverted mind of Jess Franco, filmed in the picturesque surroundings of Lisbon, the director's first collaboration with cult actress Brigitte Lahaie, whom he will reunite with for Predators of the Night, as well as with one of the most captivating muses, Susan Hemingway, in the role of Jenny. A cruel drama on the borders of nightmare and reality, finally unveiled in all its visual beauty, thanks to a meticulous restoration that corrects the serious technical problems that have hitherto affected the original negative of the film.

Starring Brigitte Lahaie, Susan Hemmingway, Jean Ferrere
81 mins

Format Blu-Ray
Year 1978 (Je Brûle De Partout)
1987 (Dark Mission)
Rating 18
Director Jess Franco
Starring Brigitte Lahaie
Christopher Lee
Christopher Mitchum
Cristina Higueras
Richard Harrison
Susan Hemmingway
Jean Ferrere
Country France, Spain
Label Pulse Video
Region / TV Standard Region 0
Language French (Je Brûle De Partout)
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian (Dark Mission)
Subtitles English (Je Brûle De Partout)
English, French (Dark Mission)
Running time 166 mins (combined)
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (Je Brûle De Partout)
1.66:1 (Dark Mission)
Case type Digipak
Extra features Les Volets Bleus (1987) by Haydée Caillot starring Brigitte Lahaie (42 mins)
French Love (1998) documentary by François Cognard and François Fiol including interviews with Brigitte Lahaie, Jean Rollin, José Bénazéraf and others (52 mins)
Unseen footage from the lost film A.D.N. (1984) by Ali Borgini starring Brigitte Lahaie (30 mins)

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