• Revenge of the Spacemen

Revenge of the Spacemen

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Format: Blu-Ray
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Revenge of the Spacemen descends onto earth in a flying saucer, to the disbelief of a few witnesses that spot the outer-space craft. Unable to convince other backwater locals that what they saw was more than an intoxicated hallucination, the witnesses embark on a mission to find proof of the extraterrestrial invasion. When the gang turns up a couple of missing backwater cretins who recount their tales of anal-probed alien abduction (compounded with a seriously out of this world case of gas), townspeople finally start to BELIEVE. The noxious gases go from unbelievable to unbearable, and it takes a boozy backyard standoff to eradicate the extraterrestrial BDSM terror!

Format type Blu-Ray
Year 2014
Rating 18
Director Jay Summers
Starring George Tutie

Janine Sarnowski

Janet Jay

Fred Munkachy
Country USA
Label Troma
Region tv Region 0
Language English
Subtitles None
Running time 75 mins
Aspect ratio 16:9
Case type Standard
Extra features Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman


Deleted scenes

Troma's coming distractions

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
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