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Harry Novak 1928-2014

We'd like to start by paying our respects to the recently deceased giant of the sexploitation Mr Harry Novak founder of Boxoffice International Pictures . As many of you will already know Harry produced and distributed a multitude of sinful and sleazy celluloid delights during the 1960s and 70s. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure , check out some of the fifty-something movies he produced - Strange Vice's favourites include the Toy Box, the Black Ally Cats, the Pig keeper’s Daughter and the Sinful Dwarf as well as the seminal Mondo Mod now recognised as one of the original and best sources of Californian biker and surf footage from the 60's. Mr Novak your work violated all codes of decency and morality and showed no redeeming moral values, in short you made our world a trashier and more fun place to be. Strange Vice salutes you!

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