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Memorabilia Birmingham 2016

Posted 2016-03-03 in

Memorabilia Birmingham 2016
We are pleased to announce that after our absence in November that we will be back at the Birmingham NEC this month.

Saturday 19th March - Sunday 20th March
NEC, B40 1NT

Saturday: 9.00am to 5pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Single Day Early Entry Ticket (Entry from 9am Saturday or 10am Sunday) - £16
Single Day Standard Ticket (Entry from 11am Saturday or Sunday) - £11

Ultimate Bonehead Vol.5 Lp

Posted 2016-03-02 in

Ultimate Bonehead vol.5 LP

Due in stock in approximatley one week

14 killer bastard hybrids, the spawn of inappropriate and non consensual Garage Psych couplings (1968-1976)

Lim. 300 copies

For this 5th edition of Ultimate Bonehead we visit some thunderous performances at the tail end of Garage Psych with forays into utter Bonehead Heaviness. We haven’t followed a strict chronological sonic order, although side 1 is more at the Psych end of proceedings, whereas side 2 covers a more obvious Ultimate Bonehead Hard Rock approach. Much to our amusement, we have found that several of the sides previously credited as being from 67 or 68, were in truth from the early 70s. What is it with thèse Garage snobs who get a nosebleed going beyond 1969 and then try to attribute an earlier date to a couple of these tracks in order to file them into their close minded little comfort zones. Anyhow, grab the record out of its sleeve, place it on your turntable, turn up the volume, drop the needle and to HELL with the neighbors!

Operation Codename: Long Live The Fatherland!

Posted 2016-03-02 in

Due in stock in approximately one week is the first release from Aztek Film Productions. Continuing where Onar Films left off, Aztek will be releasing official pressed discs of Turkish films with English subtitles.