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Strange Vice Screening #4

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Strange Vice Screening #4

For the 4th Strange Vice screening we bring you a double bill featuring

Beast From Haunted Cave (1982) directed by Monte Hellman, from a 16mm print
Three Mighty Men (1973) directed bycT. Fikret Uçak

The programme will kick off at 7.00 with an assortment of psychotronic trailers and a surprise super 8 short then at 8.00 Monte Hellman's debut feature BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE shown from an original 16mm print, followed by more trailers and then, at 10.00 (by which time we trust everyone will have had a beer or six from the deluxe en-suite can-bar) we will be bringing you the fantastic Turkish-delights of THREE MIGHTY MEN. .

A bunch of hoods including their sultry moll Gypsy Boulet steal a load of gold bullion and hole up in snow bound Dakota cabin. Things start to go wrong when a love triangle develops between Gypsy's gang leader boyfriend and their hired local guide Gil, then they go even wronger when it turns out that the explosion they orchestrated as part of their heist has disturbed ...the BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE! This was the first film directed by Monte (Two Lane Black Top) Hellman in 1959 and has everything you could wish for for a Saturday night creature feature.

Tired of the bi-annual re-marketing of all your favourite superhero's, done in the name of “re-imagining”? Well Robin ...we have the antidote. It's called three THREE MIGHTY MEN (1973). In this master piece of Turkish fantastic cinema. Captain America teams up with El Santo to combat the evil Spiderman.

The fourth Strange Vice screening will be part of the Scala Beyond nationwide film season which celebrates London's legendary Scala repertory cinema, its programming and everything else that went on there. For more information on Scala Beyond check out the website @

We will have our merch and concession stands so bring your pocket money.

We also have some signed pictures of your favourite Turkish action stars to give away

When and Where?

Saturday 29th September 2012.
The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow (Opposite Stereo, Renfield Lane, G2 6PH)


Admission is £5 on the door or in advance from here
There will be limited space so we recommend getting an advance ticket.

Glasgow Record Fair

Posted 2012-09-12 in

Glasgow Record Fair

GLASGOW RECORD FAIR 15th & 16th September 2012

@ the Royal Concert Hall

Strange Vice will be here this weekend with our selection of music as well as a few boxes of records that aren't and won't be going on the site.

Admission is £3.00 each day from 10.00am and £6 on the Saturday for uber nerds who want to be at a record fair at 8.30am on a Saturday morning. Doors close at 5pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on the Sunday. More info can be found here.