• Bruno Nicolai ‎– Gentleman Jo... Uccidi

Bruno Nicolai ‎– Gentleman Jo... Uccidi

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We release for the very absolute first time on record the original score by Maestro Bruno Nicolai written for the 1967 spaghetti western "Gentleman Jo...uccidi" (aka "Gentleman killer") starring Anthony Steffen (1932-2004).In the same year Bruno Nicolai co-wrote with Ennio Morricone the music for the spy spoof movie "Ok Connery" (available on CD Digitmovies CDDM025) and for "Gentleman Jo...uccidi" Nicolai and Morricone collaborated again, in fact Ennio Morricone supervised and conducted the Nicolai score as reported on the movie opening credits and on the posters of the movie. Until today the tapes of this great music score have been apparently lost forever,but after the rescue of "99 donne" we were very lucky to discover that also the "Gentleman Jo" original session tapes have survived in the private collection of M° Nicolai at Edipan offices. The rescued tapes of this score were enough damaged so we had to restore the sound with the purpose of a good listening experience. Bruno Nicolai wrote a strong theme song called "Gold and power" performed by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni and the ethnic elements of the savage West are given by bass flute and harmonica performances by the legendary Franco De Gemini. Nicolai also wrote a requiem-like sad-theme for the hero of the story, a man who comes back to revenge.

Format type CD
Artist Bruno Nicolai ‎
Year 2005
Label Digitmovies

01. Gold and Power 2:16

02. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 1) 1:23

03. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 2) 2:27

04. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 3) 1:28

05. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 4) 1:54

06. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 5) 2:34

07. Gold and Power 1:22

08. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 6) 2:01

09. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 7) 1:30

10. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 8) 2:04

11. Gold and Power 2:25

12. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 9) 1:37

13. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 10) 1:08

14. Gold and Power 1:29

15. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 11) 3:25

16. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 12) 1:36

17. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 13) 1:37

18. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 14) 2:56

19. Gold and Power 1:25

20. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 15) 2:33

21. Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Seq. 16) 5:45

22. Gold and Power 1:18

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