• Days of Vengeance & Erik the Viking

Days of Vengeance & Erik the Viking

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Days of Vengeance (1967)

Directed by Florestano Vancini here credited as Stan Vance


Fully restored 122 Minutes anamorphic English version


Plot: Ted Barnett escapes from prison and returns to his home town to prove that he did not commit murder and also find the man who murdered his father. To do this he must disclose the respected landowner Cobb as a smuggler.

Erik the Viking (1965)

Directed by Mario Caiano


Plot: Viking chief Thorvald dies from a mortal combat wound. He realizes his son Erloff is not a worthy successor, but his will divides his property equally between him and Erik, the valiant son of his sister, who also gets his weapons and the mission to lead a sea-faring expedition to find new land for a settlement, crucial as their Scandinavian home village won't be able to resist the might of the Danish kingdom. Supporters of Erloff mount an attempt at Erik's life, which fails; the perpetrator is killed before he can betray them, so Sven and another can join Erik's expedition, intending to kill him. After a long, perilous sea-voyage, they reach Vinland, a then subtropical part of North America, and after Erik valiantly saves chief's daughter Wa-ta-wa from a brown bear make friends with the brave but pacific Indians, Erik's Greek friend Angheropoulos even teaches them how to use the grapes for wine-making. However the desire of an Indian to marry Wa-ta-wa makes him and his supporters the ideal allies for another plot by traitor Sven's bloodthirsty party, which is after the Indians' gold

Format DVD
Rating 18

Giuliano Gemma

Francisco Rabal

Gabriella Giorgelli

Conrado San Martín

Nieves Navarro

Doro Corrà

Milo Quesada

Gordon Mitchell

Eleonora Bianchi,

Elisa Montés

Eduardo Fajardo

Country Italy
Label Wild East Productions
Region / TV Standard Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Running time 290 mins (combined)
Case type Standard
Extra features

Interview with Nieves Navarro
Erik the Viking Trailer
Picture Gallery

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