Ennio Morricone – Danger Diabolik!

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Format: LP
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Limited edition red vinyl soundtrack LP of Ennio Morricone’s score to the 1968 Mario Bava classic Danger Diabolik!
Format LP
Artist Ennio Morricone
Year 2022
Label Black Cat Record
A1 - Deep Down
A2 - Yes Sir, No Sir
A3 - Charading Chauffeurs In Wait
A4 - Driving Decoys
A5 - Into The Cave
A6 - Diabolik's Hide-out
A7 - The Shower
A8 - Logical Suggestions
A9 - Money Orgy
A10 - Criminal/Justice Solution
A11 - Headlines
A12 - Valmont's Go-Go Pad
A13 - Dumped By Dimockracy
A14 - Eva's Holy Dress

B1 - Diabolik Capture-Conference
B2 - Gunfight At Red Sands
B3 - Eva's Sketchy I.D.
B4 - Metamorphosis
B5 - Emerald Bikini
B6 - Doctor Vinear's I.D. Prescription
B7 - Downhill Decoy
B8 - Vinear's X-Out Session/Death/Life
B9 - Jenko's Plan Derails
B10 - Guiness' Gold Bar
B11 - Bubbles
B12 - Underwater Wah-Wah
B13 - Now Go!!!
B14 - Eva Alone
B15 - The Pyrite Wink
B16 - Last Laff
B17 - Deep Down

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