• Sock It to Me Baby

Sock It to Me Baby

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While sexploitation is all about the girls, occasionally one encounters a guy whose presence is strong enough to actually upstage them. Men like John Alderman. Or Stuart Lancaster. Or LARRY HUNTER. You know Larry, even if you don’t recognize the name. He oozed charm as “Nick the Creep” in Olga’s Dance Hall Girls. He swished around as the hilarious homo in All Women Are Bad. He was the detective on the trail of The Amazing Transplant. And he popped up in Changes, Love is Where It’s At, and The Love Toy among others. And here he’s given an entire film to run amok in, as Sock It to Me Baby is, basically, a character study of a Suburban Sleazeball having a sexual mental breakdown. And folks, nobody but nobody is better at being a Suburban Sleazeball having a sexual mental breakdown than Mr. Hunter.

Hunter plays Ron Baker, a flabby, weak-willed, bottle-guzzling 35-year-old alcoholic and “perfect fool” who lives off his rich wife’s money in a sexless marriage. He’s also obsessed with “the young stuff” which seems to be all around him. “Look at that beautiful rump! Those perfectly shaped breasts! Those firm, milk-white thighs,” thinks Uncle Ron while ogling his 18-year-old niece Susan who lies writhing naked on her bed. “She’s ready for sex and I’m ready to have her... But I can’t! I mustn’t! She’s only a child! What kind of a degenerate am I?” The answer, of course, is that he’s the kind of degenerate director LOU CAMPA loves, and while Ron spares Susan -- who falls into the clutches of Ron’s lesbian wife June -- Ron is soon peeking into the windows of his next-door neighbor’s home and getting obsessed with their babysitter, a gum-chewing, Spiderman-reading “little tart” named Tina.

After watching Tina take on three boyfriends one at a time (“Sock it to me, baby!”), Ron invents an excuse to meet her and the two promptly embark on a torrid two-week affair... providing he pays for it: “I got you hooked and you know it!” But Ron’s little romance eventually comes to a screeching halt when “Terrible Teasing Tina” ends up making it with the Ron’s girl-gobbling spouse: “Oh, that body... That young body....”

Grimacing, slobbering, running around half naked (not a pretty sight) and even having a orgasm in closeup, Larry Hunter is quite a spectacle. Yet despite the show he puts on, Hunter is matched head-on by the cross-eyed, brat-faced gal playing Tina. Billed as ILEEN WREFFER and blessed with beautiful breasts that she’s happy to display, Miss Wreffer is just as outrageous as Hunter, and their scenes together have a combustible chemistry that’s almost toxic. Man, oh man, we’d love to see her in more films. In fact, we’d love to see her in a whole series of Tina-the-babysitter films. Even better, we’d love to... Oh. Wait. We’re getting obsessed too, aren’t we? Just like dirty ol’ Ron....

From a 35mm print with “no hands. Just that sweet luscious mouth!” -- Dribblejuice

Format type DVDR
Year 1968
Rating 18
Director Lou Campa

Larry Hunter

Ileen Wreffer

Rosina Martin

Dina St. Helena

Country USA
Label Something Weird Video
Region tv Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Case type Standard

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
Registered Office: Studio 5, 23 Fleming Street, G31 IPQ

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