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Strange Rampage

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Think of the Florida Exploitation Boom of the Sixties and names like William Grefé, K. Gordon Murray, Barry Mahon, Manuel S. Conde, Doris Wishman, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Dave Friedman immediately come to mind. Though not as well known as his contemporaries, HARRY KERWIN was another producer/director happily cranking them out in the land of sunshine and nudist camps. The brother of William Kerwin (the star of Blood Feast), Harry began his filmmaking career working crew on Herschell and Dave’s Two Thousand Maniacs! (’64), doing makeup effects for Love Goddesses of Blood Island (’64) and Sting of Death (’66), then diving into sexploitation and producing Sylvia’s Girls (’65), Adam Lost His Apple (’66), and this Miami-made sleazefest which he also directed under the name “Ignatius Volpe.”

“I’m what is popularly called ‘a Sex Doctor,’” says a smarmy psychoanalyst who looks like a low-rent Vincent Price and -- Wait! Wait! That’s no doctor! That’s BRAD GRINTER, director of Blood Freak and Flesh Feast who’s hiding out here under the name “Duke Moberly”! Hilariously insincere, Brad gives us the “personal case histories” of four of his female patients “who are victims of a sociological problem referred to by demographers as the disparity in the sex ratio.” Translation: there are too many women and not enough men!

Elaine (LINDA MILLER, but not the Linda Miller that’s Jackie Gleason’s daughter) is a secretary full of “pent-up emotions and wild desires that burn within her tortured mind.” Janis (SHERI SIMS) is a school teacher and “frustrated prude” who, at 24, is still a virgin. Nevertheless, they both go to a swinger’s party with three guys and three other gals, engage in “lurid and orgiastic activities,” and get mauled by fat, bald, Dirty-Old Man FRED KAYE. But the orgy is all part of some bizarre ESP-style dream in which “these two girls, not knowing each other, actually experienced the same dream and, in fact, appeared in each other’s dream!” Say, what?

Ann Rowe (“Miss ANN HOWE and her 48’s”) is a big-breasted exhibitionist who loves exposing her tits to the doc, her neighbor, the TV repair man, and just about any man she meets. Fortunately, Mr. Grinter arranges “a temporary outlet for Ann’s compulsions” by getting her a gig at the Gayety Theatre (a real Miami burlesque house prominently featured in Mundo Depravados)....

And lonely little BUNNY WARE (also in Kerwin’s My Third Wife George) “has such high standards that no man has ever been able to meet them.” After watching a couple make out at the beach, she goes home and makes out with a mannequin....

Though times have obviously changed since 1967, Strange Rampage still has the enthusiastic stain of “a dirty movie.” Crude, rude, and raunchy, it’s the kind of slimy skinflick that gives sleaze a good name.

From the 35mm negative that still “can’t form a normal lasting relationship with a man.” #3887 -- Handsome Harry Archer

Format type DVDR
Year 1967
Rating 18
Director Harry Kerwin (“Ignatius Volpe”)

Anne Howe

Bunny Ware

Brad Grinter 

Linda Miller 

Sheri Sims

Country USA
Label Something Weird Video
Region tv Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Case type Standard

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
Registered Office: Studio 5, 23 Fleming Street, G31 IPQ

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