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Rock ’n’ roll meets sexploitation in this retro-cool import from Spain with surprise cameos from New-York nudie starlets! “Throughout the world, youth -- restless, eager, and impatient to live -- searches for a meaning to its existence. Blue jeans and black leather jackets have become the international uniform of these youngsters in their frenzied quest for kicks. They have no respect for anyone, least of all themselves. Drugs, murder, violence, and sex are their constant companions. Where do they come from? Where are they going? What will become of the world tomorrow in the thoughtless hands of... The Unsatisfied?”

The Bongos Club is a late-Fifties-style rock-&-roll hangout where pretty-boy Tony and his gang of slick delinquents (and one swishy gay guy!) dance, make out, and fling lit matches onto the bare backs of sexy gals. But when one of them stabs sexy Suzanne to death in a phone booth, the prime suspect becomes clean-cut Alberto, who was madly in love with her. But since Alberto is also the son of the Police Commissioner, daddy takes a hands-on interest in the case, and soon finds himself crashing the fancy castle of Bernardo, a wealthy cardshark who uses drugs, booze, and sex to distract his opponents....

A slick, well-made, nasty little movie, The Unsatisfied gives off a very different vibe and boasts a very different flavor than the typical U.S. teens-in-trouble film. When LEE HESSEL’s Cambist Films released a U.S. version of it in 1964, additional shot-in-New York skin scenes were cleverly added by insert specialist JERARD INTRATOR, the man who added June Roberts to The Pink Pussy and put the extra sex into The Curious Dr. Humpp. Typically well integrated, the inserts include a surreal moment just five minutes into the film in which two topless gals in a dressing room exchange words (“I’ll kill you for that, you witch!”), then suddenly fight to the death with a pair of scissors as a third gal blandly looks on: “C’mon, break it up, the phone’s ringing!” As quickly as the fight started, it abruptly stops, and the third gal happily shows off the (then-new) topless bathing suit she’s wearing! Wow.

Other U.S. inserts include: a high-haired honey in the back room of a club whose drink is spiked by a creep who then carries her away.... A thug with a knife and a topless gal pose for the cover of a detective magazine.... Two semi-naked models discuss men and -- Hey, look! The model on the left is GIGI DARLENE, looking as adorable as ever.... And two gals follow a stud into a bedroom at Bernardo’s, each eager to have the guy for herself and -- Well, what do you know? One of the gals is AUDREY CAMPBELL, Madame Olga herself: “I want some of that!” Imagine... Gigi and Audrey in a Spanish crime film. Ah, the elegant beauty of a splice....

And remember kids: “With patience and understanding, most of these lost souls can find their way back to reality!” From the 35mm U.S. negative that proves “the old morality is still as good as it ever was!” #3892 -- Frank Henenlotter

Format type DVDR
Year 1961 / 1964
Rating 18
Director Fred De Urrutia

Rita Cadillac

Colette Descombes

Marie de Sol

Emmanual Gil

Angela Tamayo

Country Spain
Label Something Weird Video
Region tv Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Case type Standard

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
Registered Office: Studio 5, 23 Fleming Street, G31 IPQ

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