• Wall Of Flesh

Wall Of Flesh

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Aspiring anthropologist Lauri (busty LITA COLEMAN of Vibrations) sings the praises of Free Love in the primitive cultures she’s visited during her travels to South America. However, her friend Vera (MARIA LEASE in one of her many New York nudie roles) pooh-poohs the idea, saying Free Love just isn’t Normal. Come to find out, Vera’s uptight and can barely even tolerate having sex with her own husband, Art (DAN MACHUEN). She’s also constantly putting down the poor man for wanting to be a writer and not having a real job. All the while Laurie’s sister, Nan (who, of course, is a recovering nymphomaniac), is totally hung up on Art and dreams nightly of seducing him.

Lauri repeatedly drops by the apartment to discuss Vera’s problem with Art. She suggests that Vera needs professional sex therapy with her colleague Jennifer. Later, Nan drops by and professes her desire for Art. Art’s not so sure about any of this since he’s still madly in love with Vera, even though she torments him.

Lauri asks Jennifer if she’d be willing to take Vera on as a “patient” and she agrees to if Lauri participates in “therapy” as well. Vera is open to the idea, so they go to Jennifer’s “office” and participate in some “beautiful communication” via a ritualistic orgy with four other women (including Jennifer’s assistant played by JANET BANZET).

Things get complicated when Lauri begins to have feelings for Art. They eventually succumb to their mutual attraction. But unfortunately, Art doesn’t want her. However, Jennifer does and reminds Lauri that she will always need the group to ever be sexually satisfied.

Vera becomes so immersed in her “therapy” that she’s barely ever home for Art (although one time she shows him a bit of what she’s been learning). Lonely Art goes to Nan’s apartment (she has offered to proofread his manuscript) while Lauri and Vera go to “therapy.” Art and Nan realize that they need each other and make mad passionate love. And in the end, Lauri, Vera, Jennifer and the others wallow in an undulating “Wall of Flesh” vowing to never leave each other.

A pristine transfer from the lost-until-now 35mm hopelessly horny negative. #3966 -- Lisa Petrucci


Format type DVDR
Year 1968
Rating 18
Director Joe Sarno

Lita Coleman

Dan Muchuen

Maria Lease

Marianne Prevost

Nina Forster

Janet Banzet

Geri Miller

Country USA
Label Something Weird Video
Region tv Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Case type Standard

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
Registered Office: Studio 5, 23 Fleming Street, G31 IPQ

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