• Girl In Gold Boots

Girl In Gold Boots

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Format: LP & DVD
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Format type LP & DVD
Artist Various
Year 2020
Label Modern Harmonic
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Transparant gold vinyl with a DVD of the film

"Carras also shows up on Girl In Gold Boots (★★★★), providing the theme tune and a Hammond heavy groover called ‘Knockin’ Boots’ for this 1968 grindhouse film about the seedy underbelly of the go-go dancing world, directed by exploitation filmmaker Ted V Mikels, the man also behind The Doll Squad. Yet whilst Carras’s cues, along with shimmying numbers from Chris Howard and Joe Valino exemplify the burlesque world portrayed in the fi lm, the lion’s share of the soundtrack weirdly consists of country cuts from Larry Cartell and Jody Daniels; and whilst Cartell’s eponymous title track is actually a pretty fine slice of country-funk, his festive offering ‘Cowboy Santa’ is sicklier than a tub of Quality Street."

- Thomas Patterson (Shindig Magazine)


A1 - Theatrical Trailer

A2 - Larry Cartell - Girl In Gold Boots

A3 - A Little Companionship (Dialog)

A4 - Joe Valino - (Everything I Touch Turned To) Gold

A5 - Wanna Be A Professional (Dialog)

A6 - Larry Cartell - Wheels Of Love

A7 - Snacktime (Dialog)

A8 - Larry Cartell - My Careless Heart

A9 - Take His Brains Out (Dialog)

A10 - Nicholas Carras - Knockin' Boots

A11 - Larry Cartell - Sin

A12 - I'm Here To Be A Dancer (Dialog)

A13 - Danny Welton - Julie

B1 - Bad Mannered Kids With Guns (Dialog)

B2 - Larry Cartell - Cowboy Santa

B3 - Larry Cartell - Jimmy's Girl

B4 - Nicholas Carras - Girl In Gold Boots Theme

B5 - Jerry Wallace - That's The Fool In Me

B6 - Show Off Whatcha Got, Baby (Dialog)

B7 - Chris Howard - I Just Want To Rest

B8 - Let's Hear It With Music (Dialog)

B9 - Danny Welton - Strobelights

B10 - Who's That? (Dialog)

B11 - Chris Howard - Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry?

B12 - You'll Find Your Hole (Dialog)

B13 - Jody Daniels - Lonesome Man

B14 - Tonight I Shall Get Good And Drunk (Dialog)

B15 - Jody Daniels– You Gotta Come Down

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