L.A. Aids Jabber

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Jeff, a mentally unstable young man is diagnosed with AIDS and fills a syringe with his own tainted blood looking for victims.

One of the rarest and most sought-after bad taste movies of the SOV era. Jeff, a mentally unstable young man is diagnosed with AIDS and takes his anger out on the world by filling a syringe with his own tainted blood and trolling the seedy streets of Los Angeles looking for victims in an acid-washed and venomous delirium. Police slowly piece together his crimes in an attempt to stop this ticking virus time bomb from jabbing again. This is the first wide release of the movie since it was self-distributed by director Drew Godderis himself, and the Blu-ray is packed with newly produced bonus features and commentary from the original creators. (a/k/a JABBER)

Format Blu-Ray
Year 1994
Rating 18
Director Drew Godderis
Starring Jason Majik

Justin Godderis

Marcy Lynn

Justin Mack

Joy Yurada

Gene Webber
Country USA
Label Visual Vengeance
Region / TV Standard Region 0
Language English
Subtitles English
Running time 78 mins
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Case type Standard with slipcover
Extra features Director’s Introduction to Movie (2021)

Commentary Track with Director Drew Godderis

Lethal Injection: The Making of L.A. AIDS JABBER with Director Drew Godderis

Bleeding The Pack: An Interview with Lead Actor Jason Majik

L.A. AIDS JABBER - 2021 Locations Visit

Interview with Blood Diner Director Jackie Kong

Growing Up On Set: Justin Godderis

Actress Joy Yurada Interview

Cinematographer Rick Bradach Interview

Interview with Actor Gene Webber

Liner notes by Tony Strauss of Weng's Chop Magazine

L.A. AIDS JABBER Photo Gallery

L.A. AIDS JABBER Trailer (2021)

Visual Vengeance Trailers

Archival master taken from master SD tape


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