• Metal Detector Maniac

Metal Detector Maniac

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Format: Blu-Ray-R
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Format type Blu-Ray-R
Year 2021
Rating 15
Director Charles Roxburgh

Matt Farley

Tom Scalzo

Kevin McGee

Country USA
Label Gold Ninja Video

“You know, I can tell you honestly, there’s nothing quite like these movies by Matt Farley and Charlie Roxburgh. I’ve seen four of them now, and they’re all of a piece—no-budget comedies all set in small New England towns, all playing on one movie genre or another, sometimes two or more at once, and all as inventive as they are unhinged—and I find them utterly charming. And their latest, Metal Detector Manic, sees the pair in top genre-bending form. Highly recommended!”

-John Paizs, writer/director, Crime Wave

“Part musical, part noir, all indie charm...I laughed out loud while savoring every delicious song and white-knuckle twist, right up to the final note.”

-Dave Payne, writer/director, Reeker

See that man in the distance?

The guy who has been using his metal detector to investigate the same patch of grass in this public park for over an hour? Is he a peaceful hobbyist, searching for historical artifacts?

Or, is he some sort of devious maniac, hiding in plain sight, waiting for an opportunity to prey upon the innocent?  

When Matt Farley & Tom Scalzo, music professors currently on sabbatical, spot this man, they become immediately suspicious. Given Tom’s highly sensitive “vibe receptors,” these suspicions carry significant weight.

Fearing their sleepy bedroom community to be in jeopardy, our heroes have little choice but to reinvent themselves as citizen sleuths and dive headlong into a full investigation. The hair-raising secrets that they uncover must be seen to be believed! 

Region tv Region 0
Language English
Subtitles None
Running time 109 mins
Aspect ratio 16:9
Case type Standard
Extra features
  • A WHOLE OTHER NEW FEATURE FILM: Heard She Got Married (2021) 
  • A feature-length audio commentary track on both films by Matt Farley, Charles Roxburgh and Moderator Justin Decloux.
  • The Making Of Metal Detector Maniac 
  • Metal Detector Maniac: Making Music 
  • The Premiere of Metal Detector Maniac 
  • Deleted Scenes from Metal Detector Maniac 
  • Behind the Scenes of Heard, She Got Married 
  • An Interview with Tom Scalzo
  • An Interview with Chris Peterson
  • Liner Notes by Will Sloan

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