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Back when the Cold War was hot and television was new, wrestling - especially women wrestling ­ became one of the boob-tube’s earliest sensations. Fitting then that GEORGE WEISS - the grade-Z producer of Glen or Glenda and the Olga films ­ should try to capitalize on the craze with this oddly atypical roadshow gem, originally titled Pin-Down Girl but also known as Racket Girls, Take-Down Girl, and Blonde Pickup. Usually, exploitation films got their thrills by tackling a forbidden subject - drugs, white slavery, nudism, etc. But Pin-Down Girl pretends to go respectable and, instead, ogles. Ogles cleavage, ogles legs, and ogles women wrapping themselves around one another in all kinds of lurid positions - which, in another context, would’ve been downright lesbian.

Though the plot, per se, is incredibly thin, TIMOTHY FARRELL is fortunately front and center and, man oh man, there was nobody better at playing a slimeball on the screen than Farrell. ("He’s just plain no good! The sort of a guy that would change a girl’s evening stroll from a recreation to an occupation’") Here he again plays Umberto Scalli -last seen pushing pills to fat ladies and high-school kids in Weiss’ 1949 The Devils Sleep ­ who is now a promoter using "a clean sport like lady wrestling" as a front for his gambling rackets. Trouble is, Scalli owes "Mr. Big" 35 grand, so a bunch of cliché gangster types are breathing down his neck. (But fear not. Scalli/Farrell returned to spread more sleaze in Phil Tucker’s 1953 Dance Hall Racket.)

Scalli also signs wrasslin’ she-babe PEACHES PAGE ("Welcome, Peaches! May I call you Peaches?) to a personal contract. Miss Page, The Wrestling Star of the Film (who, in fact, did have a brief but obscure real-life pro career) is a big-boned blonde with a huge pair of hooters and the face of a potato, and director ROBERT C. DERTENO just won’t leave her alone. See Peaches in the gym! See Peaches on the mat! See Peaches strip to her brassiere! See Peaches get a massage! And, best of all, see Peaches do some road work - running. jumping, tossing a ball, anything to make her boobs bounce!

Also in attendance is real-life wrestling’ pro CLARA MORTENSEN - famous for wrestling men on the carnival circuit! - who shows up for a bout with RITA MARTINEZ, "Champion of Mexico." (Hilariously, Scalli tries to bribe’ em both:"’ hope he dies with a fish bone in his throat!") Legendary announcer JIMMY LENNON SR. calls the fights; DON ORLANDO (also in Bowanga-Bowanga, and billed here as "Don Ferrara") plays Scalli’s horny henchman who kills a horse and gets a giant bullet hole dead center in his forehead; and bargain-basement cinematographer WILLIAM C. THOMPSON cameos by delivering a subpoena to Scalli. There’s also a great fetish fight between "The leopard lady" and "The Panther Woman," as well as lots and lots and lots of utterly gratuitous cheesecake as Fifties-style glamour girls exercise in Scalli’s gym with wonderfully glazed smiles on their pretty little faces. Hotcha, baby!

From a 35mm print full of "Fast & Furious Female Action!" - Dribblejuice

Format type DVDR
Year 1951
Rating 15
Director Robert C. Dertano

Timothy Farrell

Peaches Page

Muriel Gardner

Don Orlando

Clara Mortensen

Country USA
Label Something Weird Video
Region / TV Standard Region 0 / NTSC
Language English
Subtitles None
Case type Standard

Company Registration Number: SC474707 and VAT Registration number: GB 238009223
Registered Office: Studio 5, 23 Fleming Street, G31 IPQ

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