• Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

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Format: Blu-Ray & DVD
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The Pridemore Juvenile Detention Facility isn’t just a place for troubled teenage girls to serve their time. Instead, it’s a living hell filled with sexual depravity and violence. Jenny, a fresh inmate, becomes the de facto protector of Lisa, an innocent young girl forced to be a plaything to anyone after her body. Then there’s Charlie, a hardened teenaged lesbian who torments her fellow prisoners through brutal acts of sexual sadism. But no one instills more fear in even the toughest girls than the sadistic Edna who, with a blind eye turned by money-hungry Warden Sutter, delights in terrorizing her beautiful prisoners. However, the girls have had enough and things are about to change at Pridemore…

From acclaimed cult filmmaker Tom DeSimone (The Concrete Jungle), REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS is a sublimely trashy and over-the-top women in prison/juvenile delinquent classic, reframed for the grimy punk sensibilities of the 1980s. Starring punk rock superstar Wendy O. Williams (Candy Goes to Hollywood), cult film legend Sybil Danning (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times), and featuring a career performance from former Warhol Superstar Pat Ast (Paul Morrissey’s Heat).
Format Blu-Ray & DVD
Year 1986
Rating 18
Director Tom DeSimone
Starring Wendy O. Williams
Pat Ast
Linda Carol
Tiffany Helm
Sybil Danning
Country USA
Label Wicked-Vision Media
Region / TV Standard Blu Ray = Code B / DVD = Region 2 / PAL
Language English, German
Subtitles English, German
Running time 96 mins
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Case type Standard
Extra features - Audio commentary with director Tom DeSimone and humorist Martin Lewis
- Audio comment with James Chandler and Ash Hamilton from Horror-fix.com
- "So what?" - Brand new interview with director Tom Desimone
- “Prison Watch” – Brand new interview with cinematographer Howard Wexler
- “Too Good to Be Bad” – Brand new interview with Fish actress Tiffany Helm
- German trailer [Original / Recut]
- Original trailer [35mm / open mat / recut]
- Teaser trailer
- TV spots
- Vintage material
- Music video for the film
- Extensive image gallery
- Hidden features

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