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Andy Fosberry - Anthology Of The Dark (Clear Shell)


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Artist: Andy Fosberry

Year: 2021

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Not content with delivering two alternate scores on previous album ‘Blair, Maryland’, composer & electronic musician Andy Fosberry’s latest ‘Anthology Of The Dark’ release features cues from three separate genre films he’s recently worked on: ‘The Mutation’, “Prototype’ and ‘Hatched’.

With the scores linked by the shared themes of sci-fi and horror, the electronic sounds Andy conjures up for ‘Anthology Of The Dark’ are, by turns, atmospheric, dramatic and propulsive. This is an album best experienced with your headphones on… and the lights out.

Presented as a limited edition cassette (250 total) on Spun Out Of Control, the run is equally split between two colour shell variants: Mutant Rat or Prototype. Cover design and layout is by label regular Eric Adrian Lee.

Electronic Sound magazine says of ‘Anthology Of The Dark’: ‘Restlessly inventive, Fosberry is proving to be a stirringly versatile composer.’

Complex Distractions blog adds: ‘Andy Fosberry is a master of mood. Another stunner of a release [that] locks into both Steve Moore and Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury vibes.’

1. Pursuit (from PROTOTYPE)

2. The Crime Scene (From THE MUTATION)

3. Science And Nature (From HATCHED)

4. Death And Birth (HATCHED)

5. Broken From The Beginning (PROTOTYPE)

6. Covert Reprogramming (PROTOTYPE)

7. It's All Falling Apart (HATCHED)

8. You Cannot Shut Me Down (PROTOTYPE)

9. Time For The Truth (THE MUTATION)


11. Weapon Of Choice (THE MUTATION)

12. End Credits (HATCHED)

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