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Basket Case


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Artist: Gus Russo

Year: 2017

Format: Tape

Label: Terror Vision

Red foil shell

A1 Title Explosion

A2 Duane & Belial - Love Theme From "Basket Case"

A3 Lifflander Hearst Something

A4 Casey's Theme

A5 Manhattan Skyline

A6 Needleman's Muzak

A7 Herrmann Vibes

A8 Lifflander's Name

A9 Needleman's Worst Nightmare

A10 Murder & Madness

A11 Duane & Sharon's First Date

A12 O'Donovan Gets It

A13 Empty Basket

A14 I Don't Know Why (Duane & Casey Get Smashed)

B1 Glens Falls Flashback

B2 Seperation Anxiety

B3 Belial Calling

B4 Duane Saves Belial

B5 When Belial Met Casey

B6 Belial Escapes

B7 Who's That Naked Runner?

B8 Disgustus Interruptus

B9 You Keep Me Hanging On

B10 End Credits

B11 Times Square Blues (Bonus Track)

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