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Brain Damage


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Artist: Gus Russo & Clutch Reiser

Year: 2017

Format: Tape

Label: Terror Vision

Clear shell

A1 Opening Titles ("African Masks")

A2 Parasite Lost

A3 Bathtub Sting

A4 Rude Awakening

A5 Waking And Dreaming

A6 Brian Meets Aylmer

A7 Aylmer's Bite

A8 Brian Against The Wall

A9 Auto Graveyard

A10 Wrecks And Windshields

A11 Night Watchman

A12 Juiced Again

A13 Pasta Con Cerebrum

A14 St. Mark's Place Scurry

B1 Aylmer's First Bojwolb

B2 A Little Bite Music

B3 Cold Turkey

B4 Aylmer's Tune

B5 Toilet Murder

B6 Brian Gets Aroused

B7 Martha Finds Aylmer

B8 Martha Bites It

B9 Theo And Aylmer

B10 Brian And Theo

B11 A Little Light Music

B12 End Credits - Original Version

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