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Carlo Maria Cordio – Endgame


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Artist: Carlo Maria Cordio

Year: 2021

Format: LP

Label: Pulse Video

First Time Release Of The Original Soundtrack Of Joe D'Amato's Epic Cult Movie
Soundtrack Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl
Gatefold Sleeve (Front: Original Poster Artwork / Back: Alternative Poster)
Incl. 8 Lobby Cards Of The Movie

A1 - Atomic Contamination

A2 - Starlights

A3 - Danger Ahead

A4 - Mystical Nights

A5 - A Sad Kiss

A6 - Night Terror

A7 - Transformation (Vers.2)

A8 - A Sad Kiss (Vers.3)

A9 - Lilith Theme (Vers.2)

A10 - Night Terror (Vers.3)

B1 - A Sad Kiss (Vers.4)

B2 - Transformation

B3 - Rainbow Eyes

B4 - Sneack Attack

B5 - Night Terror (Vers.4)

B6 - A Sad Kiss (Vers.2)

B7 - Transformation (Vers.3)

B8 - Mental Apocalypse

B9 - Deadly Waiting

B10 - Night Terror (Vers.2)

B11 - Lilith Theme

B12 - Fear And Death

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Return of the Evil Dead

Return of the Evil Dead (Blu-Ray)

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Endgame (Blu-Ray & CD)

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