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Carlo Rustichelli ‎– L'Uomo, L'Orgoglio, La Vendetta


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Artist: Carlo Rustichelli ‎

Year: 2012

Format: CD

Label: Digitmovies

Digitmovies continues to explore the wild territories of the Italian Western by issuing on CD the complete OST in full stereo by Carlo Rustichelli for the movie “L’uomo, l’orgoglio, la vendetta” (aka “Pride and Vengeance”) directed in 1967 by Luigi Bazzoni, based on the novel “Carmen” by Prosper Mérimée and starring Franco Nero, Klaus Kinski, Tina Aumont, Lee Burton, Marcella Valeri, Franco Ressel, Alberto Dell’Acqua, Maria Mizar. José (Black), a young officer in the Spanish army, has been degraded for letting a prisoner girl named Carmen (Aumont) flee. After having tracked up the girl, the soldier refrains from leading her to prison and becomes her lover. Then the man kills an officer caught in intimate conversation with the girl and flees into the mountains by joining some outlaws. Hunted by the authorities, the new bandit wants to marry the girl, but she won’t agree anymore. At the time C.A.M. released an album in stereo (SAG 9002) with 14 tracks selected by the author (35:12), but thanks to the stereo master tapes of the recording sessions we could add about 38 minutes of unreleased music to the 33 rpm master tape so that our CD now has a total duration of 73:58. Carlo Rustichelli has written one of the strongest scores of his long career, marked by an atmosphere with Hispanic flavour for guitar and orchestra as in the romantic and sad “José’s Theme” which gets introduced in Tr.2 and then reprised in Tr.19,Tr.22,Tr.24,Tr.26, alternated with dramatic and violent music (Tr.6,Tr.8,Tr.10,Tr.11,Tr.18,Tr.19) and Mexican folk music (Tr.3,Tr.5,Tr.15). A proper rescue and tribute to the incomparable music art of Carlo Rustichelli.

The Original Album

1. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta 3:27

2. Tema Di Josè 1:42

3. Fandango 2:14

4. Tema Della Solitudine 2:54

5. Habanera Gitana 4:00

6. Il Colpo 3:49

7. Da Lillas 2:13

8. Sul Fiume 3:36

9. La Mazurka 1:09

10. L'inseguimento Di Garcia 2:10

11. Duello Gitano 2:45

12. Morte Di Garcia 1:28

13. Carmen E Josè 1:31

14. Morte Di Josè 1:40

Bonus Tracks

15. Fandango (alternate Take) 2:14

16. Sul Fiume (alternate Take) 3:23

17. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta (alternate Take) 1:58

18. Il Colpo (alternate Take) 1:01

19. Tema Di Josè (alternate Take) 3:43

20. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta (alternate Take) 2:31

21. L'inseguimento Di Garcia (alternate Take) 1:55

22. Tema Di Josè (alternate Take) 1:34

23. Tema Della Solitudine (alternate Take) 2:03

24. Tema Di Josè (alternate Take) 2:49

25. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta (piano Saloon) 1:22

26. Tema Di Josè (alternate Take) 1:21

27. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta (alternate Take) 1:42

28. Da Lillas (alternate Take) 2:04

29. Il Colpo (alternate Take) 2:00

30. L'uomo, L'orgoglio, La Vendetta (alternate Take) 1:56

31. Tema Di Josè (alternate Take) 1:41

32. Morte Di Josè (alternate Take) 2:44

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