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Charles Manson ‎– Short Stories and Tall Tales


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Artist: Charles Manson

Year: 2014

Format: Tape

Label: TPOS

Abridged version of the "Charles Manson Speaks" double cd. Manson's raps have been broken into individual tracks and titled accordingly. Total playing time is 90 minutes.

A1 "The Face Upon The Barroom Floor"

A2 This Wizard's Lesson

A3 Message To A Friend

A4 Message To A Follower

A5 Message To Jimmy

A6 Count Von Bruno

A7 I Will Not Be Stuck In Your Ignorance

B1 World War

B2 Holocaust

B3 Money

B4 Human

B5 Society Wants To Die

B6 Got To Fix The Water

B7 Hippies

B8 8th Level

B9 No Surrender

B10 Names

B11 Inside Prison

B12 Music

B13 Race

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