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Deadlock (Cover B)


Current stock: 4

Year: 1970

Rating: 18

Director: Roland Klick


Mario Adorf

Anthony Dawson

Marquard Bohm

Siegurd Fitzek

Mascha Rabben

Betty Segal

Country: Germany

Label: Subkultur Entertainment

Limited to 5000 copies

The young bank robber Kid staggers exhausted across an inhospitable scree, in the middle of the blazing furnace of a desert. All he has is a filthy suit, a machine gun, a suitcase full of money and a bullet stuck in his arm. Due to the loss of blood, he collapses unconscious in the scorching wasteland, and that's how former warden Charles Dump, a greedy, devious coward who senses a very big opportunity, finds him. Instead of removing the bullet, he speculates that Kid will die in agony from the gangrene, and a murderous game of cat-and-mouse ensues between the two opponents. But the tide turns for the worse when a short time later, the sadistic killer Mr. Sunshine appears on the scene, who has arranged with Kid to hand over the money. And Sunshine has no intention of sharing the loot....

Format: 4K Ultra HD & Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: 4K = Region 0 / Blu Ray = Code B
Language: English, German
Subtitles: English, German
Running Time: 93 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Case Type: Digipak with slipcover
Extra Features::

Audio commentary with Roland Klick & Ulrich von Berg **

"Truth and Sensuality" - Interview with Roland Klick **

"Film as Adventure" - Interview with Roland Klick **

Portrait Roland Klick **

German ending with dedication (silent)

English opening credits & insert (silent)

English ending with dedication (silent)

Opening credits textless (silent)

Cinema trailers:

  • German (restored)
  • German (unrestored)
  • English (restored)

Picture gallery

Booklet with a text by Pelle Felsch


** German & English subtitles available

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