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Gino Peguri ‎– Il Corsaro Nero


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Artist: Gino Peguri

Year: 2017

Format: LP & CD

Label: Digitmovies

Digitmovies is releasing the LP and CD of the OST from the film “Blackie the Pirate” (original title: “Il Corsaro Nero”).

Blackie the Pirate is a fictional character created by the Italian writer Emilio Salgari. The character has appeared in various films throughout the years such as in a silent film directed by Vitale Di Stefano in 1920; in a film directed by Amleto Palermi in 1937 with music by Alessandro Cicognini; and in a version directed by Sergio Sollima in 1976 where Blackie was played by the popular star Kabir Bedi, with music by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. The composer Gino Peguri (author of soundtracks for movies like “Bloody Pit of Horror," "Seven Magnificent Pistols", "A Woman on Fire", "Psychopath," "Code Name, Red Roses") wrote an orchestral score for "Blackie the Pirate" which was released in 1971 on a rare LP from RCA (SP 8035) and a rare single Cormorano (ZC 50180).For this CD re-release we were able to find the stereo master tapes from the original album and the complete master tapes from the original recording sessions which include both stereo and mono mixes. In addition to the 12 stereo tracks on the album, we have added nine alternate tracks in stereo and five alternate tracks in mono. This OST is dominated by the fun pop-sounding song in the opening credits called "Orza qui poggia lì," performed by Paolo Ferrara and accompanied by the chorus of Nora Orlandi (tr.6 and tr.14), then reprised with variations in tr.8, tr.12, tr.18, tr.20, tr.21 and tr.27. There are elements of Hispanic music on tr.3, tr.4, tr.11, tr.15, tr.16. You can hear adventurous music on tr.1, tr.7, tr.13, Tr.24 and tr.25, while early music appears on tr.10 & tr.17. A romantic love theme is found on tr.2 and tr.26. For the LP version we brought back the 1971 LP with the addition of the English version of "Orza qui poggia lì” as well as the film version of the track "In the Caribbean" and two alternative versions on side B.


Side A

1. Nel Mar Dei Caraibi 3:01

2. Gli Amori Di Isabella 2:30

3. Calipso Dei Corsari 3:04

4. Posada De Maria 1:46

5. Il Pirata Mattacchione 1:22

6. Orza Qui Poggia Li (titoli) 2:24

Bonus Tracks

7. Nel Mar Dei Caraibi (film Version) 1:39

8. Orza Qui Poggia Li (English Version) 2:21

Side B

1. All'arrembaggio! 3:00

2. Pirati In Agguato 1:26

3. Duello E Morte 2:45

4. Isabella A Corte 2:09

5. Il Vicerè Di Spagna 2:30

6. Coro Dei Corsari 2:43

Bonus Tracks

7. Calipso Dei Corsari (alternate Version) 1:59

8. Isabella A Corte (alternate Version) 2:37


01. Nel Mar Dei Caraibi 3:01

02. Gli Amori Di Isabella 2:30

03. Calipso Dei Corsari 3:05

04. Posada De Maria 1:46

05. Il Pirata Mattacchione 1:23

06. Orza Qui Poggia Lí (Titoli) 2:24

07. All'arrembaggio! 3:01

08. Pirati In Agguato 1:27

09. Duello E Morte 2:47

10. Isabella A Corte 2:09

11. Il Vicerè Di Spagna 2:31

12. Coro Dei Corsari 2:43

13. Nel Mar Dei Caraibi (film Version) 1:39

14. Orza Qui Poggia Lí (english Version) 2:21

15. Posada De Maria (long Version) 2:18

16. Calipso Dei Corsari (alternate Version) 2:00

17. Isabella A Corte (alternate Version) 2:36

18. Orza Qui Poggia Lí (instr.) 1:27

19. Duello E Morte (alternate Version) 1:31

20. Pirati In Agguato (alternate Version) 1:57

21. Orza Qui Poggia Lì (off Vocal Version) 2:27

22. Il Pirata Mattacchione (alternate Version) 1:32

23. Il Vicerè Di Spagna (alternate Version) 1:39

24. Nel Mar Dei Caraibi (alternate Version) 1:38

25. All’arrembaggio! (alternate Version) 1:49

26. Gli Amori Di Isabella (alternate Version) 1:55

27. Orza Qui Poggia Lí (instr.# 2) 1:05

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 Ennio Morricone ‎– Duello Nel Texas

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