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Guido & Maurizio De Angelis ‎– Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia


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Artist: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Year: 2007

Format: CD

Label: Digitmovies

"Milano trema:la polizia vuole giustizia" (aka “The violent professionals”) is the first Police movie directed by Sergio Martino in 1973. The movie is placet in a violent Milan where in tangible way the alarming and fool of fears mood reigns that characterized life in the big Italian cities in the so called “Anni di piombo”(“Lead years”). Martino tells the story of commissioner Caneparo (Luc Merenda) who, after being suspended in his service, for his unorthodox ways, he wants getting revenge for a colleague’s death. The fearless cop introduces himself in the criminal world, finding favour with a criminal gang…after a series of bloody robberies , very fast chases in the streets of Milan he succeeds to discover the gang’s boss, a publisher who wants to support a dictatorial regime. Martino with sane and careful job succeeds to realize a fluent movie, full of rhythm and without dead points; also he succeeds on recreating the violent and full of fears mood of those years, through the valid performance of the actors. The images are brilliantly background with the score by brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis who, without any doubt, can be considered among the most prolific Italian soundtracks composers having written hundreds scores for every genre of movie like many classic comedies starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, horrors, Giallos, Cops movies and cult Tv series like “Sandokan” by Sergio Sollima starring Kabir Bedi. Digitmovies really with "Milano trema:la polizia vuole giustizia" starts a new series devoted to the best Ost of the Italian Police movies genre. At that time Rca released just a 45 rpm single (Rca OC 39) containing the cover version of “Blue song”, the main theme sung by Susy & Guy (not enclosed here) and “And life goes on” sung by Susy Lion (Tr.15 on our CD). The De Angelis Bros. have written a memorable monothematic ost dominated by a melancholic main theme performed by moog accompanied by the orchestra conducted by Gianfranco Plenizio that is introduced in Tr.1.This leit motif is reprised continuously in the Ost almost to follow all the moods of commissioner Caneparo in his bitter story of revenge, with a slower version with flute (Tr.2), with a nostalgic piano (Tr.3), faster with flute and electric piano (Tr.5), with a dancefloor-like version (Tr.12) and in the “Finale” (tr.14). The De Angelis Bros. have written also suspance and mystery music with sonorities typical of the seventies: Tr.8, Tr.9, Tr.11, Tr.13, but also Lounge style music is not missing like the country song in Italian (Tr.4) and its instrumental reprise followed in the second part by dance floor music (Tr.6). From track 15 to 25 we have enclosed the outtakes, the unused themes in the movie: the English version of the country song (Tr.15,Tr.20), action and suspence music (Tr.18, Tr.23), an alternate take of the “Main Titles” with higher tonality of the moog (Tr.16),various reprises of the main theme (Tr.17, Tr.19, Tr.21,Tr.22,Tr.24) and an alternate take in Italian of the country song (Tr.25).

01. Blue Song (#1 - Titoli) 1:53

02. Blue Song (#2) 1:18

03. Blue Song (#3) 1:27

04. And Life Goes On (italian Version) 1:24

05. Blue Song (#4) 2:03

06. And Life Goes On (instr.) 4:15

07. Blue Song (#5) 2:30

08. Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#1) 1:58

09. Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#2) 0:58

10. Blue Song (#6) 1:55

11. Milano Trema:La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#3) 1:59

12. Blue Song (#7) 1:24

13. Milano Trema:La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#4) 3:15

14. Blue Song (#8 - Finale) 3:03

Bonus Tracks

15. And Life Goes On (english Version) 2:53

16. Blue Song (#9) 1:54

17. Blue Song (#10) 3:10

18. Milano Trema:La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#5) 1:50

19. Blue Song (#11) 1:09

20. And Life Goes On (instr. #2) 2:52

21. Blue Song (#12) 2:27

22. Blue Song (#13) 1:19

23. Milano Trema:La Polizia Vuole Giustizia (#6) 0:55

24. Blue Song (#14) 1:55

25. And Life Goes On (italian Version #2) 2:49

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