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John Scott - Inseminoid


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Artist: John Scott

Year: 2021

Format: LP

Label: Notefornote Music


INSEMINOID was directed by British filmmaker Norman J. Warren, known primarily for a series of late '70s-'80s horror films and produced by Richard Gordon, known for a variety of films but specializing in horror movies such as THE HAUNTED STRANGLER, FIEND WITHOUT A FACE. Warren shot the film during May and June 1980, with a £1 million budget, half of which was financed by Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers (their first investment in a British film).

To compose the film's score, Warren brought in distinguished orchestral composer John Scott, who by 1981 had composed wide-ranging scores for some 86 films and television series. Scott's efforts in the genre have included films such as TROG, MARK OF THE DEVIL PART II, THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, and the magnificent score for 1980's time-travel film, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (along with GREYSTOKE, KING KONG LIVES, THE WICKER TREE amongst the 70 scores subsequent to INSEMINOID).

Warren and Scott had worked together previously on his film, SATAN'S SLAVE. When it came to their next collaboration, INSEMINOID, using even a small orchestra was beyond the budget; leaving electronics as the only viable means. In the process, Scott made use of synthesized rock-and-roll elements (low basso structures, electronic drums, and in particular a recurring, 8-note motif shared between electric guitar and synths, most notably in the main titles and end credits, mixed over a variegated abundance of synthetic substances. As the mixing of the electronic score took shape, enhanced by many hours of multi-tracking and overdubbing, Scott was aided in recording the score by the Pinewood Studios music mixer Otto Snel.

A1 - Main Title

A2 - The Chrysalis

A3 - Virus

A4 - Death In Space

A5 - The Creature Strikes

A6 - The Insemination

B1 - Sandy's Metamorphosis

B2 - Sandy's Warning

B3 - Sandy Kills

B4 - Birth Of The Twins

B5 - Death Of Sandy

B6 - Inseminoid

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