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Killer Crocodile


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Year: 1989

Rating: 18

Director: Fabrizio De Angelis


Richard Anthony Crenna

Pietro Genuardi

John Harper

Country: Italy

Label: Severin

More than a decade after the Spielberg blockbuster, a dream team of shock maestros - including producer-turned-director Fabrizio De Angelis (DR. BUTCHER M.D., EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS), screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti (BAY OF BLOOD, DEMONS), gore guru Giannetto De Rossi (ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND) and Oscar®-nominated composer Riz Ortolani (MONDO CANE, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST) - created one of the most ridiculously entertaining JAWS rip-offs in ItaloSleaze history.

When a humongous crocodile begins chomping on a tropical island community, a group of idealistic young environmentalists will clash with a crusty redneck hunter to destroy the monster reptile spawned by toxic waste. Richard Anthony Crenna (ROSWELL), Sherrie Rose (DEMON KNIGHT), Ennio Girolami (GREAT WHITE) and Hollywood legend Van Johnson (THE CAINE MUTINY) star in this crocsploitation classic now scanned in 2k from the original negative.

We’ve also included the sequel Killer Crocodile 2 in this incredible set (only 4000 units available)

Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Code A
Language: English, Italian
Subtitles: English on Italian only
Running Time: 94 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Case Type: Standard with slipcase
Extra Features::

Killer Crocodile Special Features:

  • The Fearless Crocodile Hunter: Interview with Actor Pietro Genuardi
  • It Crawls: Interview with Cinematographer Federico Del Zoppo
  • In the Jaws of the Crocodile: Interview with Special Makeup FX Artist Giannetto De Rossi
  • Of Crocodiles and Men: Interview with Actor Richard Anthony Crenna
  • Trailer
  • English with Closed Captioning

Killer Crocodile 2 Special Features:

  • The Prince Of Plasma: The Giannetto De Rossi Story
  • Trailer
  • Deleted Scenes
  • English & Italian Audio/Closed Captioning



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