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Les Baxter - Space Escapade / Music Out Of The Moon


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Artist: Les Baxter

Year: 2018

Format: LP

Label: Vinyl Passion

Two Original Albums On One 180g LP!
The Best-Selling Theremin Record Of All Time!

Digitally remastered edition of this 1958 album from "the founding father of Exotica". Space Escapade is the holy grail of the Exotica genre showcasing all of the eclecticism and sensual orchestral effects that are Baxter's remarkable trademark. Baxter here is taking both us and his easy classical sounds on a conceptual journey right across the cosmos.

Music Out Of The Moon is an album consisting of six songs, originally released on three 10-inch, 78 rpm records by bandleader Les Baxter, composer Harry Revel and theremin player Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, released in 1947. It's considered the best-selling theremin record of all time.

Side A:
Space Escapade
1. Shooting Star
2. Moonscape
3. Mr. Robot
4. The City
5. A Distant Star
6. The Commuter
7. Winds Of Sirius
8. The Other Side Of The Moon
Side B:
1. Somewhere In Space
2. Earth Light
3. The Lady Is Blue
4. Saturday Night On Saturn
Music Out Of The Moon - Music Unusual Featuring The Theremin
5. Lunar Rhapsody
6. Moon Moods
7. Lunette
8. Celestial Nocturne
9. Mist O' The Moon
10. Radar Blues

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