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LiveFastDie ‎– Hit Stains


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Artist: LiveFastDie

Year: 2014

Format: LP

Label: Almost Ready Records

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A1 - Intro

A2 - Guitar Star

A3 - Forged In Flames

A4 - Not A Dog

A5 - Bang It's War

A6 - Love Dogs In Space

A7 - Pissing On The Mainframe

A8 - Alcoholic Aids

A9 - Sonic Thread

A10 - Year Of The Debt Collector

B1 - Armageddon (Last Night) Armageddon

B2 - Pizza And Vomit

B3 - Got Nitedo

B4 - Do I Look Like A Bank

B5 - Webshits And Blah Blah Blahs

B6 - Dawn Of The Vhs

B7 - She Don't Kare

B8 - Thought You Could Steal My Beer

B9 - Buzz Buzz Buzzard

B10 - (He's Got) Pecker Breath

B11 - Outro

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