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Marc Wilkinson – Blood On Satan's Claw


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Artist: Marc Wilkinson

Year: 2021

Format: LP

Label: Trunk Records

Awesome, spooky and weird soundtrack music from 1970 by Marc Wilkinson (former musical director of the National Theatre) with an ensemble line up that includes the Ondes Martenot and Cymbalom. Erm, what else can I write about, oh yeah, the music here is based on the Devil's Interval, and that's all explained on sleevenotes. RARE REPRESS WITH NEW SLEEVE ART...

A1 - Fiend Discovered And Titles

A2 - Peter And Rosalind In Attic

A3 - Rosalind's Madness

A4 - Angel's Claw

A5 - Claw In Classroom

A6 - Judge By Fireside

A7 - Peter Fights Devil Severs Hand

A8 - Judge Drives Off

A9 - Mark Alone

A10 - Death Of Mark

A11 - Angel Naked

A12 - Angel's First Curse

A13 - Angel's Second Curse

A14 - Return From Graveyard

B1 - Return From Graveyard (2)

B2 - Kathy Crowned

B3 - Children In The Church

B4 - Kathy's Ceremony

B5 - Kathy's Rape And Death

B6 - Peter's Ride

B7 - Ralph Chops Tree

B8 - Ralph Saves Margaret

B9 - Margaret Escapes

B10 - Ralph's Wound

B11 - Ralph Bewitched

B12 - Finale And Credits

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