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Paolo Vasile – Il Giorno Del Cobra (Day of the Cobra)


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Artist: Paolo Vasile

Year: 2021

Format: LP

Label: Cinedelic

Cinedelic Records is proud to present Paolo Vasile’s score to Enzo Castellari’s 1980 poliziottesco fim, Il Giorno Del Cobra. This record features one of maestro Vasile’s most iconic themes as featured on various polizio compilations.

The cues on this soundtrack feature a wonderful mix of cool keyboards, horns, funky basslines, and driving kick drums — a perfect reverb-fueled accompaniment to Franco Nero’s onscreen antics.

Includes 3 bonus tracks and a postcard

Black vinyl

A1 - The Day Of The Cobra

A2 - Escape

A3 - Remember

A4 - Downstairs

A5 - Revenge

A6 - Clash

A7 - Flight

A8 - Revenge (Dark Side Of The City) Bonus Track

A9 - Suspicion (Sexy Lady) Bonus Track

A10 - Run To Live (The Cobra Spies) Bonus Track

B1 - Fear

B2 - Suspicion

B3 - Upstairs

B4 - The Day Of The Cobra (2° Vers.)

B5 - Run To Live

B6 - Hanged Up

B7 - Encounter

B8 - Astonishment

B9 - Spy

B10 - Tim

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