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Physical Attraction & Classical Romance


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Year: 1984

Rating: 18

Director: Richard Mailer

Country: USA

Label: Vinegar Syndrome

Richard Mailer was a prolific and talented, though perpetually obscure, director who helmed nearly 100 films over his career. Presented here are two of his later efforts.

A young hooker is tired of her involvement in the sex trade and her pushy pimp. Her true passion is running and after meeting an enthusiastic coach who sees potential in her athletic abilities, she finds herself in training with the hope of making it to the Olympics.
D: Richard Mailer / 1984 / 87 min / Color / 1.85:1

Paul Thomas stars as Eric, a frustrated musician who performs nightly at a piano bar. An encounter with a beautiful woman leads him on a journey of erotic self-discovery during which he must decide whether he will follow his heart or carnal pleasures.
D: Richard Mailer / 1984 / 86 min / Color / 1.85:1

Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 0 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 173 mins (combined)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Case Type: Standard
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