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Ronny Romanovitch - Sensual Encounters of Every Kind


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Artist: Ronny Romanovitch

Year: 2016

Format: LP

Label: Vinegar Syndrome

Richard Kanter’s erotic vignette film, Sensual Encounters of Every Kind features a memorable though uncredited score which is likely the work of prolific genre film composer, Richard Hieronymus, who frequently wrote music under the name Ronny Romanovitch. This jazz and funk filled score has been transferred from the original 1/4″ mix mags.

This hand-numbered first edition Sensual Encounters of Every Kind LP is limited to 500 units on transparent Vinegar Syndrome yellow. The soundtrack was transferred from the original 1/4″ mix mags and mastered by our friends at New Alliance East Mastering.
A1 Main Theme 0:53
A2 Dee Dee Is Captured By Tony's Gang 1:36
A3 Dee Dee, The Talisman and Tony's Gang 3:03
A4 Abigail Tries To Teach Lisa And Kelly 2:40
A5 Abigail, Lisa And Kelly Engage Each Other 7:23

B1 Senator O'Brien, Laura And The Bidet 1:09
B2 The Senator Plays With Laura, Toys And The Talisman 4:53
B3 Coach Davis Coaches Susan And Chrissy 1:01
B4 Coach David, Susan And Chrissy Continued 1:20
B5 Coach Davis, Susan And Chrissy In The Steam Room 7:18
B6 A Nun Finds The Talisman / End Credits 1:27

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