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Rupert Lally ‎– Maniac's Almanac (Red/Black Shell)


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Artist: Rupert Lally

Year: 2021

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

‘Two Faced Killer’ red & black split tape shell with white pad print.

Digital download included.

A month by month soundtrack of the sinister... Swiss based composer Rupert Lally crafts a series of 12 individual scores to fill your days with existential dread, while paying homage to the VHS-viewed slasher movies of the 1970s, 80s and 90s and their by turns dramatic and beautifully haunting synthesiser accompaniments.

The album ‘Maniac’s Almanac’ follows Lally’s previous well received film score-like releases on label Spun Out Of Control: 2019’s ‘The Prospect’ and 2020’s Stephen King inspired ‘Where The Dark Speaks’.

A1 - January – New Year, Old Grudges

A2 - February - Love You To Death

A3 - March - Cold Snap (Of The Neck)

A4 - April - Fools Die Slowly

A5 - May - Spring Breaking & Entering

A6 - June - A Midsummer Night's Scream

A7 - July - Fire In The Sky, Corpse On The Ground

B1 - August - Hot Bodies, Cold Steel

B2 - September - Summer's End, Murderous Beginnings

B3 - October - Trick Or Treat

B4 - November - Black Friday

B5 - December - Silent Night, Deadly Knife

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