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Saint Bernard


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Year: 2013

Rating: 18

Director: Gabriel Bartalos


Jason Dugre

Katy Sullivan

Peter Iasillo Jr.

Country: USA | France

Label: Severin

His award-winning FX career spans both grindhouse (BRAIN DAMAGE, FRANKENHOOKER, the LEPRECHAUN series) and art-house (Matthew Barney’s CREMASTER CYCLE). Now writer/producer/director Gabe Bartalos brings his own years-in-the-making vision to the screen, as an unhinged orchestra conductor named Bernard (Jason Dugre of Bartalos’ SKINNED DEEP) graphically descends into a surreal odyssey of chaos, psychosis and “f*cked-up sh*t that looks cool as hell” ( Warwick Davis (WILLOW) and notorious Andy Kaufman cohort Bob Zmuda (MAN ON THE MOON) co-star – with a performance by punk legends The Damned – in this “must-see for the truly adventurous” (, transferred from the original negative and unleashed beyond the underground festival circuit for the first time ever.

Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0
Language: English
Running Time: 97 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Case Type: Standard with slipcase
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The Making of Saint Bernard



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