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Shock Cinema #45


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SHOCK CINEMA 45. Interviews with Stacy Keach, Peter Stormare, Charles Dierkop, Jenny Wright, and Robert Loggia. Reviews include Val Kilmer and Michelle Pfeiffer in One Too Many; Ossie Davis in Slaves; Mike Hodges' trippy children's mini-series The Tyrant King; Basil Rathbone, John Carradine and Cameron Mitchell in the Mexican comedy-fantasy Autopsy Of A Ghost; Sid and Marty Krofft's abysmal prime-time special Fol-De-Rol; Robert Reed in Operation Runaway: "No Princess For My Cinderella"; Joseph E. Levine in Albert and David Maysles' Showman; Alice Krige in the South African musical-romance Don't Forget Me [Vergeet My Nie]; Tom Nardini in Self Defense [a.k.a. Siege]; Gary Cooper in The Naked Edge; Jonathan Winters and George Kennedy in the disaster-movie spoof short Sonic Boom; Frank Henenlotter's That's Sexploitation; Florinda Bolkan and Tony Musante in Metti, Una Sera a Cena; John Derek and Ursula Andress in Nightmare in the Sun; Donald Pleasance and Michael Dunn in House Of The Damned [La Loba y la Paloma]; Francesca Annis in The Eyes Of Annie Jones; Michael and Roberta Findlay's Snuff; Chuck Connors in Walk The Dark Street; The Chevy Chase Show and The Chevy Chase National Humor Test; Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham in The Trap; Amos Sefer's An American Hippie in Israel; Daniel Erickson's all-mannequin Eve's Necklace; Graham Kennedy and Bryan Brown in The Odd Angry Shot; WNUF Halloween Special; et cetera.

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Pretty Peaches 2 & 3

Pretty Peaches 2 & 3 (DVD)

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Corruption (Grindhouse Releasing)

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Shock Cinema #44

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Shock Cinema #43 (Magazine)

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