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Shunsuke Kikuchi – SF Sayuki Starzinger TV BGM Collection (1978)


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Artist: Shunsuke Kikuchi

Year: 2021

Format: LP

Label: Tava Tava Rare

Limited to 300 copies

Gold vinyl

A1 - "Starzinger No Uta" Opening Theme (T.V. Size)

A2 - C-1A

A3 - H-2

A4 - I-6

A5 - I-4

A6 - I-2

A7 - I-1

A8 - "Hime No Tame Nara" Ending Theme (Instrumental)

A9 - "Soitsu Wa Ore Da Jan Coogo" (Instrumental)

A10 - "Starzinger No Uta" Opening Theme Opening Theme (Instrumental)

A11 - G-1

A12 - I-3

B1 - I-7

B2 - I-5

B3 - A-3

B4 - E-1

B5 - "Bokura No Starzinger" Opening Theme (T.V. Size)

B6 - "Bokura No Starzinger" Opening Theme (Instrumental)

B7 - "Uchuu No Sensi Starzinger" 2nd Opening Theme (Instrumental)

B8 - M-4

B9 - M-13

B10 - M-2

B11 - M-10

B12 - "Hosni Ni Negai Wo" Endingn Theme (T.V. Size)

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