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Waitress! / The First Turn-On! / Stuck on You!


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Year: 1981 - 1983

Rating: 18

Director: Michael Herz & Lloyd Kaufman


Roma Maffia

Vincent D'Onofrio

Chris Noth

Scott Valentine

Country: USA

Label: Troma

Before conceiving the phenomenal *TOXIC AVENGER* franchise, exploitation moguls Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz produced and directed three raunchy, ensemble teen sex comedies which launched the famed Troma dynasty.

Waitress! a.k.a. Soup to Nuts (1981)

How many times have you gotten to a restaurant and instead of a Waitress! you got an actress? Carol Bever, Jim Harris and Carol Drake (along with special appearances by Chris Noth of Lawn and Order and Sex in the City and David Letterman's Larry "Bud" Melman) star in this raunchy comedy about a would be actress, a teen magazine reporter and a pre-pubescent prep-school girl. Picture three waitresses in a crazy restaurant where there is chaos among the customers, an exploding kitchen and a drunken chef. Make sure you have an appetite for a lot of laughs... and lots of turn-ons!!!

Stuck on You! (1982)

Stuck On You is a nutso, hilarious, sex odyssey for lovers of all ages. It's all about lovers down through the ages! From cave couples, to "coupling" Columbus; from Atilla and his sexy "hons", to King Arthur and his nights of the raunch table...

Bill and Carol are very much in love but like many of today's couples, they have their problems. After splitting up, they go to Family Court where they are brought before judge Gabriel, hilariously played by comedy legend Professor Irwin Corey.

With music by Neil Sedaka, Judge Gabriel takes Bill and Carol back in time! HE shows them that their own problems that couples have faced since the dawn of time. Find out for yourself the surprise truth about who Judge Gabriel really is.

The First Turn-On! (1983)

The First Turn-On is the Tromatic hit comedy which shows what happens when young, innocent teenagers become "initiated" by a mature, older and very sexy woman at summer camp. In the tradition of Porky's, Squeeze Play and Waitress!, this is a film for anyone who wants to laugh and get 'turned-on' watching what happens to a group of innocent kids at the wackiest summer camp you could ever imagine. See the movie that started the acting career of Academy Award® nominee Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black) and bared the breasts of Penthouse Pet of the Year Sheila Kennedy. The Troma Team even auditioned a pre-"Material Girl" Madonna for a part in the movie, but she was turned down! The First Turn-On, it is always the wildest!

Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 160 mins (combined)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Case Type: Box Set
Extra Features::
  • Interview with reclusive Troma co-founder Michael Herz
  • Interview with Lloyd Kaufman discussing in depth the birth of Troma Entertainment
  • Commentaries by Lloyd Kaufman
  • Featurette with the sex comedy stars
  • Original theatrical trailers and more!

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