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Tiny Tim's America

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Tiny Tim's America began in 1974 when Tiny Tim recorded a rehearsal tape alone in his New York City hotel room. Now, the Ship To Shore PhonoCo. has reunited Tiny with his producer Richard Barone (I've Never Seen A Straight Banana: Rare Moments, Volume 1) and his cousin, pianist and arranger Eddie Rabin, to help Tiny complete the album he began 42 years ago! Featuring Tiny's renditions of a rich collection of turn of the century, Edison cylinder-era songs, Tiny Tim's America showcases Tiny at his best; free from the constraints of producers and studios, and displaying the breadth of his musical knowledge and true depth of his ability as a performer.

ALL ABOARD! Tiny Tim is taking us for a wild ride down the gramophone horn as he resurrects the sounds of yesteryear -- his way.

Includes a download card featuring the complete, unedited audio that Tiny recorded in 1974 and a four-page, full color booklet with liner notes from Barone, Rabin and Tiny Tim biographer Justin Martel and a collection of never-before-seen photos.

Format LP
Artist Tiny Tim
Year 2016
Label Ship To Shore Phonograph Co.

A1 - Intro/O'Brien is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian

A2 - My Rose of Waikiki

A3 - If The World Don't Treat You Right, Come Home

A4 - I Get Dippy When I Do That Two-Step Dance

A5 - Yours is Not the Only Aching Heart

A6 - The Leader of the German Band

A7 - I'm Looking for a Sweetheart (And I Think You'll Do)

B1 - So What's The Use?

B2 - What Might Have Been

B3 - Henie Waltzed 'Round on His Hickory Limb (The Great Hick-Sh-Sh Song)

B4 - That Railroad Rag

B5 - Are You Sincere?

B6 - Pucker Up Your Lips Miss Lindy

B7 - Under the Matzoh Tree (A Ghetto Love Song)

B8 - Ev'ry Ship Will Find a Harbor/When Shadows Fall

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