• Rudy Ray Moore -  Hully Gully Fever

Rudy Ray Moore - Hully Gully Fever

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Format: 2xLP
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2 LP in Gatefold sleeve

(Norton 276) Dolemite. Petey Wheatstraw. Eat Out More Often. Rude. Rudy Ray Moore is a legend -- father of adult party records, pioneer of blaxploitation films, influence to rappers like 2 Live Crew and Snoop Dogg, and until now, unlauded R&B legend! Now available for the first time ever, Rudy opens his archives to reveal his fabulous early years in is this landmark collection of rare 1950s/60s West Coast R&B recordings featuring rare 45's, unissued masters, live recordings & radio spots! Rudy tells his own story in massive notes and rare photos from his never before seen scrapbooks and personal files! Also available as posh gatefold double vinyl LP collectors edition set! 76 minutes of excellence!

Format 2xLP
Artist Rudy Ray Moore
Label Norton

A1 I'm Mad With You 2:44
A2 My Little Angel 2:47
A3 The Buggy Ride 2:25
A4 Ring A-Ling Dong 2:24
A5 Strap It Up And Go 2:22
A6 Let Me Come Home 2:44
A7 Robbie Dobbie 2:14
A8 I'll Be Home To See You Tomorrow 2:26

B1 Dolphin's Record Shop Radio Spot, KGFJ 0:23
B2 Josephine 2:11
B3 Hurts Me To My Heart 3:02
B4 Ready Willing And Able 2:30
B5 My Soul 2:42
B6 So Good To Me 2:54
B7 Hully Gully Fever 1:53
B8 Driveway Blues 2:34
B9 My Country Gal 2:51

C1 Herman Griffith Radio Spot, KGFI 0:21
C2 Rally In The Valley 2:13
C3 Hully Gully Papa 3:00
C4 My Baby 1:50
C5 Scotch Fever 2:10
C6 Whatcha Gonna Do 2:55
C7 Ballad Of A Boy And A Girl 2:32
C8 Angels On Earth 2:12
C9 Real Gone 2:56

D1 Don't Go No Farther 3:07
D2 Lonnie Johnson Radio Spot, KGFJ 0:15
D3 Baby That's Why I'm Your Fool 1:52
D4 Hurts Me To My Heart 6:32
D5 Bring It On Home To Me/ I'm In Love Again 9:19

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