• Farmer, the

Farmer, the

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Format: Blu-Ray
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Format type Blu-Ray
Year 1977
Rating 18
Director David Berlatsky

Gary Conway

Angel Tompkins

Michael Dante

Country USA
Label Scorpion Releasing

After the end of World War II, soldier Kyle Martin (Gary Conway, Land of the Giants, Once is Not Enough, Burke’s Law) has returned to his family farm in Georgia.  Now back home in the southern USA, Kyle discovers that the local bank wants to foreclose on his family’s farm. But Kyle then saves the life of a local gambler Johnny O’ (Michael Dante, Winterhawk, The Naked Kiss) from a burning car accident and is rewarded $15,000, delivered by Johnny O’s girl Betty (Angel Tompkins, Prime Cut, One Man Jury, The Teacher). However, that was still not enough money to pay the bank for the farm. When Johnny O’ gets blinded for past-posting on a horse race run by a local gangster Pessinni (George Memmoli, Blue Collar, Lunch Wagon, Phantom of the Paradise) and his local thugs, he offers Kyle the money he needs to save the farm in return for killing off the gangsters one by one. Also starring Timothy Scott (Fried Green Tomatoes, Lolly Madonna XXX, Eye of the Tiger), Johnny Popwell (In the Heat of the Night, The Visitor), Eric Weston (Evilspeak, The Iron Triangle), and Stratton Leopold (The Visitor, Wise Blood). Music composed by legendary composer Hugo Montenegro (The Wrecking Crew, The Lady in Cement) and Directed by David Berlatsky (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, The Deep). The Farmer, which was distributed by Columbia Pictures in 1977, has not been seen since then, until now!

The Farmer – he doesn’t get mad. He gets even!

Region tv Code A
Language English
Subtitles English
Running time 97 mins
Aspect ratio 1.78:1
Case type Standard with slipcover
Extra features

• Music Only Track

• HD Trailer for “The Farmer”

• Scorpion Trailers

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